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Monday, May 16, 2011

Busquets acquitted

FC Barcelona official website has today confirmed Sergio Busquets will be able to take part in the final of the Champions League on the 28th.

The Control and Disciplinary Body of UEFA had opened a case file into the alleged racist abuse which allegedly occurred during the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals match between Real Madrid and Barcelona at the Camp Nou.

UEFA initiated the investigation after Real Madrid aired a video of a supposed racist action by Buesquets against its player Marcelo. The case was forwarded by UEFA’s disciplinary inspector, Jean-Manuel Leuba, seeking a penalty of five-game suspension.  Barcelona had presented its own arguments to counter the accusation yesterday.



  1. gonna call my friend about that. He'll be MAD! haha

  2. now there will be no excuses

  3. Looking forward to the final ... my money's on Barcelona, but I'll be cheering for Manchester in a Spanish bar in Almeria!!!

  4. it's good to know that such a good player would be able to play

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  5. Spanish football fans are some of the worst imo