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Friday, April 29, 2011

Guardiola: “We are seven points away from the League title

“You [the media] may not want to talk about it as you are more interested in talking about Wednesday’s match but we are playing for the League [title] tomorrow,” reminding the press present at today’s meeting that they are there to talk about tomorrow’s Liga match against Real Sociedad, and not the Champions League or the controversies surrounding last Wednesday’s match.

“If we win tomorrow, we’ll take another giant step forward. The players are very tired but must keep their focus on going for the win tomorrow. We have to find the strength from wherever, knowing that if we win we are almost there. We have to make an effort, and forget about the knocks and the fatigue. We’re playing for the most important title of the year, one which reveals more [about a team’s capability]. A win will almost certainly be a decisive step, and it’s no use to be distracted [by any other issues].” 

“We [Barca and Madrid] are certain to surpass 90 points, and that will again show both teams have done an extraordinarily championship season.”

“There’s no euphoria within the team [after Wednesday’s match]. We suffered a lot against Almeria and Osasuna, and we will have to maintain our concentration against Real [Sociedad]. We are seven points away from the League title, and with every step we are closer to it. Madrid is not going to give anything away, and it is not going to drop points so it is up to us to win it.” 

“We are not in the final yet. The only one who has a title is Madrid, not us. In the League they are not going to give anything away. We must earn the right to play in another final [again].” 

Asked if the win over Real Madrid gave a boost to his players’ confidence for upcoming matches, the coach said: “Whenever you win you are certain to feel happy but another match comes after that. We are not playing the penultimate match, and I will only unwind when all this is over. The players and coaches will have a celebration when the right time comes. Right now, the less we think about a victory or defeat the better.”

As for the complaints filed by both Madrid and Barcelona, he was brief in his reply: “I can only support the Board. I am an employee of the club and I‘m behind whatever decision they decide to take,” adding that likewise “the board, under both Laporta and Rosell, has always supported my decisions, and I have never felt isolated.”

Guardiola also said he doesn’t think the rivalry between both sets of players will have a knock-on effect on the solidarity of the Spanish national team: “They are top professionals. Whenever they are called to represent Spain they will give their all for if they hadn’t they would not have won the World Cup.”

Inquired if he’ll rest key players tomorrow, especially Valdes now that Pinto is suspended for Tuesday’s UCL return leg, the coach said, “We will decide tomorrow. The players that will play will go out to win the match. Tomorrow we will not hold back anything. If we win, we are much closer to winning this league.” 
“I want to see how they are doing physically and mentally before making my decision. A point that must be taken into consideration is the fact that we are going to play a crucial league match in a very difficult venue.” 

And on why he is leaving Puyol out, he replied, “I don’t want to push him [unnecessarily]. He has some minor discomfort with his ankle but his knee is fine, and I don’t want to risk losing him for Tuesday.” 

As for Iniesta: “He is better but has yet to be fully recovered,” and Abidal: “The most important thing is that he is doing well. Even though he is able to kick balls around I will never play him if there is a small risk of him injuring himself. When he is fit, he will play, but I want the doctors to be absolutely clear about that.”

Finally he said there is nothing wrong with Messi: “He took a couple of knocks but it will heal with time. It is not a big deal. I will only rest those that are unable to play,” and that Afellay has “played very well on Wednesday. He is a player who can hold onto the ball well.”


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